“…detail, sublte expression and wonderful voicing… a don't miss release"

- American Record Guide

“The celebrated American pianist Jerry Wong doesn’t come out with a new album every year, but when he does it’s one to remember. In Wong’s thoughtful interpretation, we are left with an unexpected sense of happiness and awe at the simple joy of being alive.”

- Atlantic Audio Club

“Wong’s performance is driven by an understanding and appreciation for the composition that sounds true, raw, and quite clear. His Clair de lune is so delicate, his fingers seem to be just gliding across the keys. Even in the faster or heavier passages, he is only using the pedal lightly, maintaining that silvery, ethereal sound that makes this piece so obsessively beautiful.”

- Fanfare

“brings [introspection and gentle nostalgia to this music] better than anyone I have heard to assay the Eighth (Sonata) since the late Emil Gilels” 

- Audio Society

“no trouble at all with the technical demands… a thorough and thoughtful musicality that might not necessarily be associated with such youthful music” 

- allmusic.com

“his approach is perfect for the 20 short and quite varied Visions Fugitives, easily the best complete set I’ve heard”

- American Record Guide

“instinctive poeticism sonorous velvety charm…”

- BBC Music Magazine

"Like a scintillating diamond Mr. Wong's playing possessed clarity and color."

- Clevelandclassical.com

“clean technique, forthright sound and straight forward approach to classical textures… a performance which turned the concert into an unforgettable event”

- Orange County Register

“They (Pèlerinage Piano Duo) play as a seamless pair with musical passion and a brilliant technique… this performance (of Ravel’s La Valse) was imbued with a refined sense of Viennese lilt.”

- Palm Beach Daily News

“performances were warm, heartfelt and stylistically accurate. The response of the audience was sincere and the applause was very enthusiastic.”

- La Sicilia, Italy

“elegant rubato… interpretive imagination… made of this performance a memorable and sumptuous affair.”

- The New York Concert Review

“play eloquently and elegantly… (with) passion and introspection… sensitivity and a finely honed sense of style.” 

- Martin Bernheimer, msnbc.com

“rich-toned… an acute ear for color… exciting playing”

- Fanfare